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7/14/2012- After a year and 2 months I am finally rebooting this site. I have plenty of reviews on tap as well as a few newsworthy notes. Stay tuned, the robots got an upgrade!

5/30/2011- It’s finally here! Italian Rockers Dope Stars Inc. Have released their kick-ass new album, Ultrawired, for FREE at this site: www.dopestarsinc.com/ultrawiredtorrent.zip. That’s right, if you can’t afford to pay, don’t. But I say that in order for bands to keep doing this, go to their homepage
http://www.dopestarsinc.com and donate a little something anyway. And spread the infection Netrunners 🙂

5/26/2011- So this page has been under construction for a long time but there have been big things going on in my world, including computer troubles. Now that everyone is back from Kinetik Festival, our friends over at Alfa Matrix have released a trailer promo for “Alfa Matrix Re:covered Vol.2- A tribute to Depeche Mode 2-CD” There are several great covers, check it out on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/alfa-matrix/depeche-mode-tribute-vol-2

Also, keep an eye out for my eventual Facebook Group page coming soon.

2/1/2011-Welcome! This page is designed to let you in on news from the digital music world. Postings will be backdated and in descending order.


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