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Centhron – Dominator


Label:Scanner/Dark Dimensions

   Having played with a who’s who of modern dark Electro masters while on tour and releasing a handful of albums in Europe since 2001, Centhron have steadily gained a fanbase while steadily expanding their craft, and the recently released club album Dominator should finally get them massive breakout appeal here in the U.S. “Leitwolf” starts the album off with a melodic, club-directed Terror track that has much in common with the peak heydey of acts like Suicide Commando, Leather Strip and Agonoize, while “Gang Bang Dolly fuses TBM, Terror and Powernoise into a club hit that is equal parts kinky and creepy and should become a massive worldwide breakout track. “Kind Des Wehrmuts” shows off a slower but no less brutal track that I liken to Wyndtarge, and the title track “Dominator” will drag you (willingly or not) back to the pits of dark dance floors worldwide.

   The biggest (and practically only) drawback to me was the distorted vocalization. Like most bands in the endless Terror genres, Centhron has gone with heavily voxed and distorted vocals. Normally this standard practice works well for both the material and for the fans, but in rare cases this style actually holds back a band slightly. I believe this is the case here. The reason I say this is that lyrically, the tracks are truly unique and disturbing- when I can understand them. Instead of taking the easy way out by writing nonsense like other club bands, most songs on the album have intriguing stories to them, which imo are completely destroyed by the choice of distortion. With other bands choosing to clean up their vocals lately (VAC, Die Sektor and others come to mind) what should have been a minor flaw became a major distraction to my ears, made all the more disappointing by the fact that everything else was so tightly produced and nearing perfection.

   As it stands, if you are more interested in catchy club hits than worrying about being truly frightened, then Dominator is a must-have. Dark DJ types in particular should vehemently disagree with me and will no doubt be spinning the majority of the tracks all year for instant floor fillers. As for you more discerning (and picky) fans, when you spin this keep your ears focused and your mind open and you’ll be rewarded with a bit more depth than you might think as you stomp up a storm.

For fans of: X-Fusion, Wynardtage, Nurzery [Rhymes], Suicide Commando, Agonoize, Alien Vampires, :Wumpscut

Must have tracks: “Leitwolf” “666” “Gang Bang Dolly” “Atomschlag” “Kind Des Wehrmuts” “Dominator” “Slave”


  1. Lietwolf
  2. Kopfschuss
  3. 666
  4. Gang Bang Dolly
  5. Atomschlag
  6. Cunt
  7. Die Stalinorgeln
  8. So Sterbe Ich
  9. Kind Des Wehrmuts
  10. Dominator
  11. Holellehunde
  12. Faust
  13. Slave

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