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Plasmodivm – The Post-Modern Prometheus review

Label:  Caustic Records


   There are many elements of great music that most people take completely for granted because when these elements are utilized correctly they feed into the background of a solid song. Examples include melody, backing beats, and clean vocals. Add in being able to shatter genres seamlessly and sing fluently in multiple languages while staying true to a core set of Electro principles and you have the recipe for something amazing. Spain’s Plasmodivm accomplished all this and more in his sophomore effort, The Post-Modern Prometheus, available today on Caustic Records.


   Sandro Veras, the man who is Plasmodivm, started writing tunes back in 1999. He was able to shop a complete demo around in late 2006, and made a major label debut on Caustic Records with Paradise Under Fire in 2008. This is one of the most interesting albums you have probably never heard and represents a brilliant signing for the label. Adding an emphasis on melody, non-standard song structure and clean bi-lingual vocals, The Post-Modern Prometheus is nothing short of triumphant.


   There is nothing to fairly compare this album to since the emphasis on melody within various Dark Electro structures is almost nonexistent in his peers as of late. There is a real sense not only of a handful of club-oriented IDM and Terror EBM tracks but also turns of utter creepy ambience, inwardly leaning hostile reflections in the lyrics, and a vague and haunting sense of technology gone wrong weaved throughout the majority of the album. It is completely post-modern in the most literal definition of the word and proves that any Electro album has the potential to become a solid work of sonic artistry.


   The album opens with the statement “I Have Killed a Man”, an EBM-tinged Terror-like track meant to challenge the current shallowness of dance-floors with an unbelievably soaring vocal chorus that drives this into Experimental Industrial territory and sets the stage for the rest of the album.  “Dead Inside” turns “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” into hellish self-reflection and confessions of guilt, while “Post-Modern/Post-Human” is a more recognizable technology-layered club hit that is reminiscent of early Assemblage 23.  The album closes out with “Requiem (Missa Pro Defunctis)”, a powerhouse melody-based track that jumps back and forth between IDM, Terror, and Ambient while leaving you feeling completely disoriented, uncomfortable and eventually downright paranoid. When the experience is over you would be hard-pressed not to throw the album right back in the stereo though.


   I find it difficult to think of anything wrong with this album, seeing as it is on such another level artistically from standard club fare. Tracks that club goers will enjoy may not be easy to dance to due to the unusual staccato beat structures, and tracks that are best for a home or party setting may prove too high-brow for an average Electro fan. If anything the most condemning thing I can say is many people just won’t “get it.” This is not like anything you have heard before and it may take a few spins to really appreciate the album as a whole, but you most certainly will be stomping your butt off the whole time and there is enough here for ambitious DJs to rule the turntables with for a long, long time. The Post-Modern Prometheus is a call to the dark and bizarre in all of us and an absolute MUST for any open-minded fan of Electro works.


Must have tracks: “I Have Killed a Man”  “Dead Inside”  “Via Negativa”  “Post-Modern/Post-Human”  “High-Speed Collision”   “Smashing White Pills”  “A New Beginning”  “Requiem (Missa Pro Defunctis)”


For fans of: Hocico, Prometheus Burning, ESA, Wynardtage, X-Fusion, Decoded Feedback, C-Drone-Defect, Assemblage 23, Any Dark Electro or IDM band


Track List:

1.     I Have Killed A Man

2.     Instinto Homicida

3.      Voices

4.     Dead Inside

5.     Via  Negativa

6.     Unbreakable Will

7.     Post-Modern/Post-Human

8.     The Beginning Of My End

9.     The Fear Of Being Alive

10.High-Speed Collision

11.Smashing White Pills

12.A New Beginning

13.Lost Dreams

14.Requiem (Missa Pro Defunctis)


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