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Method Cell -Curse Of A Modern Age review

Label: WTII Records

   Some bands come out of nowhere and feel like they’ve always been around in a particular style even though they are brand new. Such is the case for emerging British Synthpop/Futurepop crossover act Method Cell. The duo debuted first with “Scissors EP” which garnered  a bit of club play in Europe and led to the full-blown album “Curse Of A Modern Age” becoming available in the United States on WTII Records. Blending catchy club hooks, unique electro layers, and downright fierce lyrics this album feels right at home in any Goth/Industrial DJ club or radio program.


   The party gets started immediately on the introverted club hit “Push”, reminding us all we can do better than what we are now. I noticed immediately that lyrically this band is head and shoulders above many of their peers in terms of thought-provoking depth, most especially for a club-oriented project.  “Call It Cutting” is another Electro-thumping club number but it goes in the opposite direction lyrically and feels like it’s taking aim at ‘The Scene’.  It also boasts the best earworm on the album that gets you hooked so it would make a great underground radio track. Other notable tracks include the slower Darkwave-infused “Shout Out (The Curse Part II)”, the anti-party dance-floor smash “Scissors”, and the utterly vicious, 4-to-the-floor “Drop Dead.” 


   The irony here is that because this debut is so standard, it is almost hard to distinguish this group from more established acts in a club setting. While what is here is well above-average in terms of lyrics and vocals they have yet to find a signature sound in terms of the electronics. Fans of general Electro will call this a must have but it likely won’t bring new fans to the genres who are not already familiar with other bands. I look at this with extreme excitement, however, in that there is a ton of potential for this project and lots of room for experimentation and evolution. DJ types should also make this an instant priority to add some new life to their rotations Stateside. Perhaps the Curse Of A Modern Age is being an introvert?


Must have tracks: “Push” “Call It Cutting”  “Shout Out (The Curse Part II)”  “Scissors” “Conviction (RUSH_ v2)” “Drop Dead”   “Curse Of A Modern Age (Coma Mix)”


For fans of: VNV Nation, Seabound, Assemblage 23, System Syn, And One, Frozen Plasma, Client, Rotersand, Imperative Reaction, Ashbury Heights


Track List:


2.Call It Cutting

3.Curse Of A Modern Age

4.Blame Me (The Curse Part I)

5.Shout Out (The Curse Part II)



8.Conviction (Rush_V2)

9.Drop Dead

10.Your Weakness

11.Call It Cutting (Razorblade Mix)

12.Curse Of A Modern Age (Coma Mix)



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