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Cyanotic -The Medication Generation review

Label: Bit Riot Records

   The face of Metal music (and the subgenre Industrial in particular) have gone through so many changes so quickly it becomes almost impossible to see how one act can be lumped in with another act that sounds nothing at all like it. The word Industrial itself is about as useless as calling a band Alternative or Electronica. However, the blanket genre terminology can set common ground among fans of many styles of loud aggressive music. Chicago, Illinois’ crossover act Cyanotic certainly fits that bill.

   Releasing the now out-of-print Mutual Bonding Through Violation on their own Glitch Mode Records in 2003, Cyanotic began the climb through the ranks of the American Industrial scene. Their second album Transhuman was self-released in 2005 after a strong tour in the U.S. and caught the attention of underground insiders. This album led to a whirlwind tour of North America and the release of Transhuman 2.0 on new label Bit Riot Records. The re-issue not only contained a remastering of the original but also remixes and collaborative work by such notable bands as 16 Volt, Front Line Assembly, Acumen Nation and Rabbit Junk. The Medication Generation, their latest effort (it came out on Bit Riot last year), is a  MUST for fans of Metal, Post-Punk and the brutal aggressive Electronica of acts like DJ? Accucrack and Blood of Heroes.

      What Cyanotic have done this go-round is something that is at once disturbing and seemingly normal. The amount of synthetic layering and production polish from earlier efforts is clear. Melding Glitchcore, Speed Metal, Powernoise and Post-Punk becomes a fine line to walk because each signature sound can overshadow any other, but miraculously that never happens here. If anything this is a new breed of Industrial that other bands should take heed of, particularly in terms of vocal ferocity. The party opens with “Dose Responsive”, a thrashing track that shows off barking Metal vocals and raging lyrics on top of ironic clips of Dr. Phil explaining American’s obsession with drugs and medication. You will know in the first few minutes if you love or hate the idea behind this album.  Other highlights include the Metal-tinged “Dissonant Dissident”,the much more Electro-fueled “Efficacy” and the Cyber-Industrial shred of “F@5H1ON  V1K+UM5”  among others.

   The only drawback to this high-energy set for me was the repetition. Even though the songs are all a bit different than the last, chord progression and lyrical styling don’t change much over the whole album. While I was thoroughly entertained some fans with puny attention spans will likely get a bit bored and may not make it through a whole spin in one sitting which is downright scary in that the second half of the album is much more solid than the first in my opinion. Maybe The Medication Generation does need a swifter kick in the musical ass after all. This is another record that needs to be sought by beat-laden Metal fans.

   Must have tracks: “Dose Responsive”  “Alt Machine. edit”  “Dissonant Dissident”  “Efficacy”  “F@5H1ON  V1K+UM5”  “Drek Kick (Feat. Rabbit Junk)”  “Comadose”

   For fans of: 16 Volt, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, Dawn Of Ashes, SMP, Terrorfakt, Jesus On Extasy, Epochate, Caustic, Acumen Nation, Angelspit, Genitorturers, W.A.S.T.E., Alter Der Ruine

Track List:

  1. Med: Gen
  2. Dose Responsive
  3. Alt Machine. Edit
  4. Dissonant Dissident
  5. The Static Screens [In Syndication]
  6. Efficacy
  7. F@5H1ON  V1K+UM5
  8. The Same
  9. Programmed
  10. Monochrome Skies
  11. Brutal Deluxe
  12. Drek Kick (featuring Rabbit Junk)
  13. Comadose
  14. Sentient

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